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Gut Buster - Bulging Beauty Part 1
“I can’t believe that Juvia!” Lucy pouted. “Why doesn’t she get I’m not interested in Gray?!”
The blonde wizard paused to catch her breath. While she’d made the trek from the guild to her apartment on foot daily, it was proving to be especially difficult today, no thanks to her aforementioned guild mate Juvia. She knew something was up with that piece of pie Juvia offered her.

“Come now, don’t be absurd!” Juvia smiled innocently. “Why wouldn’t I want to do something nice for you? After all you were one of the first members of Fairy Tail to really welcome me as part of the family!”

“I’m just saying it’s a bit unexpected is all!” Lucy smiled nervously. She looked at the face of the blue haired mage, and then back down at the slice of apple pie she’d offered. “I didn’t think you ever made food for anyone other than Gray!”

Juvia seemed taken aback. “Lucy, you don’t suspect me, do you?” She looked at Lucy only a moment before reacting. “You do! But... but after everything we’ve been through together! All the battles, the laughter and the tears, I thought we’d become friends after all that!”

“We are friends, we are!” Lucy waved her hands frantically, unsure whether she should try and place a hand on Juvia’s hand to comfort her. “It’s just, it’s sudden and I mean, well I’d never, I mean…”

Lucy took a look at look at Juvia’s pleading face, then at the plate in front of her, then back at Juvia, then at the pie again. Something about the whole scenario seemed off to her, but she didn’t want to come off as ungrateful either. She was just glad Happy wasn’t around to see this. The cat would have inevitably began taunting and teasing her for being heatless and a bad friend.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a low gurgle from her stomach. Lucy blushed, lightly, but it appeared that she was the only one who heard. She’d gotten so caught up in the moment with Juvia that she’d completely forgotten she’d skipped lunch due to having to spend so long cleaning the guild’s library, no thanks to Natsu and Happy. She took one more look at Juvia, then at the pie in front of her, and gulped. It did look and smell delicious.

“It’s just that I usually don’t eat desert first, but what the heck!” Lucy exclaimed and picked up the fork laid in front of her. “What’s a little indulgence between friends?” With that, she scooped up a chunk from the tip of the slice, and popped it into her mouth, Juvia looking on expectantly

“It’s delicious!” Lucy exclaimed, quickly forking another piece into her mouth. It was sweet, with a hint of cinnamon spice to give it a hint of boldness and keep it from being too sugary. Before too long, Lucy had finished the entire slice of pie, and placed the fork back down on the plate in front of her.

“Thanks Juvia,” Lucy said after cleaning her mouth with a napkin. “That was really nice of… you?”
Lucy’s voice trailed off as she looked at Juvia. Her once pleading and sincere expression now replaced with an impish grin.

“How was it?” She asked slyly. Juvia could feel a nervous sweat begin to run down the back of her neck.

Before she could answer, however, a strange sensation washed over her body. It began in her stomach, a feeling of warmth that crept out and spread until it reached the tips of her fingers, toes, and even her head. Then, she felt a gurgling, bubbling sensation in her stomach. Lucy reached a hand down to suppress the rumbles, but instead of the firm, flat stomach she expected to find, her hand instead found a soft, round bump of a belly instead.

“Juvia… what was in that pie you gave me?!” Lucy demanded, her eyes widening in horror at the plump belly bulge she was slowly forming.

“Oh you know, some apples, a bit of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, a weight gain enchantment…”

“A WHAT?!” Lucy screamed, jumping to her feet in distress. No sooner than she did, she felt other parts of her begin to expand and plump, stretching her outfit tight against her newly formed bulges.

“You know, just a little something to eliminate my love rivals from the picture…”

“Love rival?!” Lucy shouted. “Whatever happened to all that stuff about being friends and—oh… god…”
Lucy’s rant was cut off when she felt her panties being to wedge their way between the increasing mass of her buttocks, and her shirt slowly creep up to reveal the brand new muffin top she was sporting.

“No NO!” Lucy yelped, and tugged down on her blouse in a futile attempt to cover herself up again. No go. In fact, pulling down on the blouse almost caused her even larger breasts to almost pop out from the other end! It was becoming increasingly apparent that her increasing girth was going to cause a major wardrobe malfunction if she didn’t stop it somehow.

“Juvia, you— I’m—I—I’ve got to get out of here!” Lucy whined in frustration after stumbling over her words for a moment. With that, she turned and bolted out of the guild hall, determined to race home as fast as she could before anyone could see her like this.

This brought her back to the present. Despite her desperation to get home as quickly as possible, Lucy found herself tiring out less than half way there. On a good day she could have ran the whole distance no problem, but she wasn’t usually fifty pounds (and counting) overweight. It also didn’t help that she had to dart about, sticking to the back alleys, the shadows, and generally going out of her way to avoid being seen. The only things worse than Juvia using magic to make her fat was letting anyone actually see Lucy in such a state! She had to get home quickly, and then… and then… she didn’t know what exactly. She just knew she had to get home before it was too late.

“Come on,” she panted, “I can’t stop yet, I gotta get home.”

An audible pop and rip broke Lucy’s concentration.

“Oh no…” she pleaded. A seam running down the side of her blouse had popped open, and was growing larger. There was a second sound of fabric tearing, following by the sound of another seam popping. To Lucy’s horror, it was becoming clear she wouldn’t be wearing her restrictive garments for long, whether she liked it or not!


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